Republicans and the Denial of Reality

Trigger Warning: Discussion of Rape, Politics, and Republicans

It’s come to my attention that the GOP doesn’t live in the same reality as the rest of us. Certain members, although the party itself is quite implicit, seem to be completely detached from our consensus reality. I was thinking about this while washing my face this evening and I have come to a startling conclusion.

Religious Conservatives don’t like to believe that bad things happen.

Thats all it comes down to. They don’t like to believe that a people can be raped, that spouses can be abusive, that children aren’t learning in our school system, that women denied access to safe sex options may die from illegal back-alley abortions, or that they are any way implicit in the problems we face as a nation.
Unlike the rest of us – who, when confronted by these things, were able to accept that they were real, albeit depressing as hell, but still real – these people apparently stuck their fingers in their ears and stopped paying attention.

I was analyzing this conundrum and I think it comes down to a deep theological problem. My theory is that some of these people (Todd Akin in particular) cannot accept horrible things because of a very elementary view of God.
For why would God allow rape to happen? Surely a benevolent loving creator figure wouldn’t allow such terrible things to happen. Surely.
I’m not going to argue for or against the existence of a God, however I think these ideological blinders are created by this issue.

My theory is that these individuals view the world in a very black and white kind of way, I will detail it as follows;
God created the world. God is Good. God wouldn’t have created bad things like rape and abuse and starvation. Therefore these things must not actually exist and must be part of a ‘liberal’ brainwashing. Rape surely can’t exist because God is Good. Therefore it couldn’t have happened. It must have been the victim’s fault. They are either A) lying for the attention or B) didn’t say No clearly enough. It is obviously not the abusers fault they were confused.

Do you see how insidious this is? I think Todd Akin’s thoughts follow this pattern. “God is Good, so if someone was ACTUALLY “Legitimately” raped, He surely wouldn’t let them become pregnant. That would be awful and God is Good so it can’t happen.”

Instead of acclimating to the reality that Bad Things Happen, instead of attempting to change the system, stop the violence, stop the hatred, these people would seemingly rather live with their heads in the sand. They would rather cling to their false reality where these things Do Not Occur. They would rather live in denial.

Denial is dangerous. Today it is being used to deny rape and thus limiting women’s access to birth control. It is being used to deny violence, and thus allowing free access to weapons and ammunition. It is being used to deny consequences for our actions. Every woman who bleeds out due to violence or unsafe back alley abortions is a direct result of our social climate and political policies. We live in a society where women are taught fear from a young age, and if we allow these reality denying asshats to continue to dictate our political policies, I think I can safely say that we’re fucked.

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