Writing on Writing

While I have previously stated that I love bad!fanfiction and that you should write it as often as possible, that does NOT mean that I believe we (both you and I) should stop trying to improve.
So, to promote improvement in writing, I will be writing articles about writing and how to improve your writing (This is where we enter some kind of Inception level writer-scape).
To those of you who have been here before, this will be an expansion of my topic ‘Writing Erotica’ except without the Erotica.

While there are many sources to help you with grammar and spelling (Best Options: use your spellchecker and consider getting a Beta reader), I will mainly be focussing on themes, story construction, characterization, and plot. My main focus will be on fanfiction, however I will address original work as well.

So stick around for Tips, Tricks, and Hilarity.

(Writing on Writing sounds like some kind of violent after school special….or a porno)

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