Writing – Sing, Sing a Songfic

I generally feel bad when I say people ‘shouldn’t’ do something in fanfiction, since I feel like fanfiction is a beautiful world where you can follow your own fancy to the end of your proverbial rainbow. However, if you are trying to improve as a writer, if you are trying to write works that will engage the fandom, if you are trying to make sense… Please consider my suggestions.

Today I will discuss the ever popular songfic
and offer up my suggestions so that you do not drive your readers into fits of painful laughter intermixed with the urge to vomit.

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Writing on Writing

While I have previously stated that I love bad!fanfiction and that you should write it as often as possible, that does NOT mean that I believe we (both you and I) should stop trying to improve.
So, to promote improvement in writing, I will be writing articles about writing and how to improve your writing (This is where we enter some kind of Inception level writer-scape).
To those of you who have been here before, this will be an expansion of my topic ‘Writing Erotica’ except without the Erotica.

While there are many sources to help you with grammar and spelling (Best Options: use your spellchecker and consider getting a Beta reader), I will mainly be focussing on themes, story construction, characterization, and plot. My main focus will be on fanfiction, however I will address original work as well.

So stick around for Tips, Tricks, and Hilarity.

(Writing on Writing sounds like some kind of violent after school special….or a porno)

Writing – Bad!Fanfiction and why you should Write it ANYWAY!

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I enjoy reading bad fanfiction.
Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE good fanfiction. I salivate and adore. I worship upon its alter. I make offerings to the Fanfiction Muses (and their pet Bunnies). I am, to quote a rather overwrought novel, ‘deeply and irrevocably in love’ with Fanfiction.

But on top of that. I also read BAD fanfiction. By bad, I mean terrible plots, awful characterizations, hilarious misspellings and mutilated grammar. Fanfiction with Mary-Sues and self inserts and poorly constructed dialogue.
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The importance of Trigger warnings in books and Fanfiction.

I don’t know if I can accurately portray just how important it is for authors to include trigger warnings in their work. But let me put it like this; the feeling of revulsion and renewed trauma experienced by the triggering reader can go on for days and weeks, it essentially reopens their original wounds, cuts into their slowly healing soul and gouges out sections of their mind and sanity. It is the equivalent of mental torture, and authors need to be aware that their words have barbs.

I don’t think some authors realize just how badly their words can hurt. How deeply they can cut. The trauma of rape is something that never leaves but is slowly scarred over. Triggering causes the wound to burst open, bleeding freely and poisoning the mind until nothing but harsh images and hurt spiral out of control.

If memories are boxes in the houses of our mind, triggers cause those boxes to explode. Violently. Infecting everything else. Shrapnel cutting into the foundations and shaking the walls like an earthquake.

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Writing Erotica 2 – Vagina Terminology

I’m sort of abstractly peeved that I wrote the penis post before I wrote this one. In a way it just seems like I was totally buying into the dick pervasiveness in society..

Note: In the anatomy section, I do refer to the Vagina as part of the ‘female reproductive organs,’ however Vagina’s are NOT solely female as the world is exciting and filled with all types of people.

Both Men and Women can have Vaginas, So please Use this Writing Erotica guide for your Vagina-equipped characters.

Anyway, let’s get to the meat of it!

Warning: This is NSFW and there is an image of a VAGINA after the jump!!! (Run in fear)

This is NOT supposed to be a guide about using language in society, this is a reference for erotic writing and getting readers in the mood.

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Writing Erotica 1 – Phallus Terminology

In literature, life, and of course fanfiction, there is the endless debate over what words to use to describe objects that continually show up on the same page or in the same paragraph. For instance you might call your character Sam – if that is his name – or Victor, Mr. Henshaw, the poet, the soccer star, the blonde, the brunette, the dashing rogue, Vickie, Vinny, or Vivian.

However it is the debate over something much more awkward that is our topic of conversation today.

What exactly do you call a penis?

Note: I read a lot of erotica, or as I like to call it – porn. I read porn. A LOT of porn. I have been reading porn for around ten years, or there abouts, and thus can discuss it with some vague faux credibility.

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